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Performer Rights and Responsibilities
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My Dirtiest Fantasy is deeply committed to performers’ rights and believes this document represents the best practices. We’ve relied on Kink to compile these recommendations.

At All Times

  • No one has a right to my body besides me, on-set or off. No one has the right to physical contact with me, on set or off, without my consent.
  • I have the right to be treated with respect at all times.
  • I have the right to be heard when I have concerns or questions.
  • I have the right to never be pressured to perform sexual acts off-camera.

Prior to the Shoot

  • Prior to being booked for a shoot, I have the right to an accurate and detailed description of the idea/concept of the shoot and what will be expected of me, including:
    • What sex acts the shoot calls for
    • What BDSM acts the shoot calls for
    • Whether a shoot involves a sensitive theme (for example: family roleplay)
    • Who I will be requested to perform with
    • What I will be paid (I have the right to negotiate the rate)
    • The expected shoot location and duration
  • I have the right to negotiate the details of a shoot without feeling pressured.
  • If I am booked for a shoot, I have the responsibility to inform the producer:
    • If there are performers who I am not comfortable performing with (so that they will not be booked to perform with me)
    • If there are any activities that I cannot perform because they may put me at risk of injury or bodily harm due to a medical condition (for example: heart issues make electrical play unsafe)
    • Of my dietary needs and allergies
    • Who to contact in case of an emergency
  • I have the right to be informed of any changes to what I’ve agreed to before arriving on set and to refuse changes that I don’t feel comfortable with

On Set

I will not be pressured to perform any BDSM/sex act that was not agreed to upon initial booking. In the event that the producer has an idea that was not previously agreed to, it will be discussed thoroughly prior to that BDSM/sex act being filmed. The discussion should be open and honest and I should in no way be made to feel like I am being pressured into doing something that I do not want to do.

During every shoot, I am entitled to have the following provided by the producer:

  • lubricant, condoms, gloves
  • enemas, douches, baby wipes
  • refreshments (water and snacks)
  • a private restroom and shower
  • a robe or towel and designated space for downtime/breaks

Limits Checklists

  • I have the right to fill out a new “limits checklist” to specify what acts I do and do not consent to for every shoot.
  • If I find that I am unable to perform a BDSM or sex act that I agreed to, I have the right to inform the producer and have adjustments made.
  • My limits will be respected and no one will attempt to convince me to change them at any time.

Health and Safety

  • I am entitled to ask for and use a condom at any time, for any reason. If I do choose to use a condom, it will in no way affect my ability to book future scenes for My Dirtiest Fantasy.
  • I am entitled to ask to see fresh condoms applied to any item used on me.
  • I am entitled to personally sanitize any items that are used on me.
  • I am entitled to ask anyone touching my genitals to wear sanitary gloves.
  • I am entitled to ask to have any item tested on me before the scene begins (examples: nipple clamps, gags, etc).


  • I can stop any scene at any time by using the house safeword "RED" or the safeword I chose before filming began.
  • I will have a recognizable nonverbal safeword signal in the event that I am gagged or otherwise unable to speak. (examples: looking directly at the camera, foot stomping, dropping an item held in the hand)
  • Upon use of my safeword, the scene will stop, but cameras will remain rolling for my safety. I am entitled to ask for the shoot to completely end. Only if I explicitly consent can the scene continue at a slower pace.

Prorated Payment

  • I can end the shoot at any time and will be entitled to the proportion of the fee agreed to (e.g. If I decide to end a 4-hour shoot after 3 hours, I will be entitled to 75% of the original fee).

After a Shoot

  • I have the right to honestly discuss my on-set experience in post-scene interviews. This will not affect payment or future work.
  • I have the right to be paid my agreed upon fees according to the company’s usual method of payment.
  • I have the right to not have to make repeated demands for payment, nor will I have payments unreasonably withheld from me.

Reporting Concerns

  • I understand that MDF’s Talent Advocacy and Compliance Supervisor may contact me after my shoot to discuss my experience while on set.
  • If any of the above is violated, either explicitly or in spirit, by any staff, performer, crew or visitor, I can and should report it to MDF’s Talent Advocacy and Compliance Supervisor:

0031 20 581 3023

  • I understand that anything I tell mdfsTalent Advocacy and Compliance Supervisor will be kept confidential, if I request it, except in the case a criminal offense (e.g, sexual assault, theft), in which case law enforcement will need to be contacted.

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