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Code of Conduct
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Guiding Principles

  • My Dirtiest Fantasy is deeply committed to the health and safety of everyone on every set.
  • We value creativity and encourage exploration of authentic sexual fantasies in the content we acquire.
  • We make editorial choices about the subject matter of scenes we purchase.

Business Practices and Legal Compliance

All My Dirtiest Fantasy Suppliers must conduct their business activities in full compliance with the applicable laws and conduct their business interactions and activities with integrity.

Age Verification

Every person on set must have a valid ID proving that they are 18 years of age or older. Directors must comply with all applicable record-keeping laws regarding age verification.

Involuntary Labor and Human Trafficking

Use of forced labor of any kind is prohibited.

Location Shoots

Sexually explicit conduct cannot take place where prohibited by law or where minors or people who have not consented to witness it might see it. The crew must be able to guarantee that this will not happen by posting scouts or by some other means.


All participants must be treated respectfully and professionally at all times. It is prohibited to harass anyone, sexually or otherwise. Sex acts between crew members and performers on set are prohibited.

Animal Rights

It is prohibited to involve actual non-human animals as participants in a sex act or in a sex scene.

Performer Rights

MDF expects its Suppliers to share its deep commitment to performers’ rights, including their right to know what will be expected of them on set, what medical conditions may impact their ability to perform and how to share any concerns with

Performer Rights Policy

All Suppliers must adhere to and supply every person on set with a Performers’ Rights Policy that complies, at minimum, with the MDF Performer Rights and Responsibilities

Disclosures Prior to Booking

In addition to what is called for in the MDF Performer Rights and Responsibilities, prior to being booked for a scene, performers must be supplied with an accurate and detailed description of what will be expected of them on every shoot, including:

  • Whether a scene involves a sensitive theme
    Note: “sensitive themes” are defined below and include family roleplay, weapons and non-consent scenarios
  • What sex acts the scene calls for
    ex: anal penetration (receiving), oral sex (performing), etc.
  • What BDSM acts the scene calls for, including the possibility of receiving marks on their skin
    ex: bondage, flogging, humiliation, etc.
  • Any medical conditions that, if possessed, may put them or others at risk of injury or bodily harm
    ex: performers being booked for a scene involving electrical play must confirm that they are free of heart issues

Health and Safety

Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all adult film professionals is the most important responsibility for all My Dirtiest Fantasy Suppliers. As such, Suppliers are expected to adhere to the following policies:

  • Suppliers must follow industry standards regarding the use of sexually transmitted infection testing and/or risk reduction measures such as condoms/barrier devices.
  • Every member of an adult film set production crew must receive a copy of the Supplier’s Performers’ Rights Policy and have the authority to stop a shoot at any time if they have concerns about a performer’s safety. The scene must stop immediately, and should not continue until the well-being of the performer is established and they have consented to continue.
    Note: If a person is questioning themselves about whether to stop a scene, that is a good indication that they should stop a scene.
  • No one may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs on set - this includes prescription drugs not prescribed to the person taking them.
  • At least one member of every production crew must have a current certification in Adult First Aid/CPR/AED.


  • Performers must fill out paperwork specifying what acts they do and do not consent to (“limits”) for every shoot.
  • New limits checklists are required for every shoot and must be respected. It is prohibited to try to convince a performer to change their limits before or during a scene.

Safe Words

  • Performers must explicitly choose a safe word (ex: “RED”) and slow-down word (ex: “yellow” or “mercy”) before every shoot.
  • If the shoot involves a gag or other device that would limit a performer’s ability to speak, non-verbal signals must be specified as well
    ex: looking directly at the camera, foot stomping, dropping an item held in the hand.
  • It is prohibited to taunt or dare a performer regarding the safe or slow-down words. This includes threatening consequences if the safe word is used.
  • If a performer uses the safe word:
    • Action must stop immediately, but cameras must remain rolling.
    • If the performer is bound, ask if they need to be released.
    • The scene may continue at a less intense pace ONLY if the performer explicitly consents.
  • If a performer uses the slow-down word, the other performer(s) may stay in character and evaluate what changes need to be made to continue safely.

Injuries and Warning Signs

  • If a performer reports any injury or health concern; loses consciousness; or exhibits warning signs of a potential injury:
    • Action must stop immediately, but cameras must remain rolling.
    • Evaluate whether adjustments can be made to continue safely or if professional medical attention is required.
    • Shooting may resume if performers affirmatively consent on camera to continue the scene.
  • Marking beneath the skin, including bruising, should not be substantial even if the performer consents. If bruising starts to appear, the hitting on that area must stop.
  • If a performer tears up or begins to cry, it should be treated as if they had used their slow-down word. The other performer(s) may stay in character while acknowledging the tears and evaluating whether changes should be made to continue.

Prohibited Acts

Suppliers may not engage in the following behaviors and activities due to the likelihood of causing harm or death:

  • Hitting any person with a closed fist in the head, neck, or face.
  • Causing any person to intentionally lose consciousness.
  • Tying or securing any implement around a participant’s neck in such a way that the implement could inhibit breathing if the participant were to fall or faint.
    Note: There must be a visible second tie that will support the person’s weight.
  • Electrical current should not be used on the head, eyes, front of the neck, broken skin, or spinal column, nor in any way that flows across/through the chest and back. Powered appliances cannot be used in a scene that also includes water.
  • Bondage that causes a visible loss of circulation is not permitted. Darkening and/or reddening of the skin is normal, but blue skin is a visible loss of circulation which indicates that the performer must be released immediately.
  • Any activity that causes bleeding or skin breakage.
    ex: cutting, piercing the skin

Interview Requirements

  • Pre- and post-scene interviews are required for every shoot.
  • The interviews cannot be part of a scene, and the participants cannot be in character or in bondage.
  • The performer(s) should be asked open-ended questions and allowed to speak in their own words.
    ex: “How did you feel about today’s scene?” rather than “Did you have fun today?”
  • Interviews should only be conducted by the director/producer of the shoot. Performers may not be interviewed by one another.
  • All required topics must be fully addressed regardless of how many times the performer has shot with the director in the past.
  • The interviewer must treat performers respectfully and refrain from any discussion that could constitute sexual or other harassment.
  • Interviewers may not ask performers to describe sex acts that they participated in while they were under the age of 18.

Pre-Scene Interviews

  • Pre-scene interviews must include every performer who will participate in the shoot.
  • Required topics:
    • The safe word and slow-down word that the performer has chosen
      this includes non-verbal signals if the shoot involves a gag or other device that would limit a performer’s ability to speak
    • The performer’s prior experience with and preferences regarding BDSM, including discussion of the limits checklist they filled out that day.
  • Shoots involving elements in the Sensitive Themes section below must be thoroughly discussed and affirmatively consented to in the pre-scene interview.

Post-Scene Interview

  • Required topics:
    • Overall feelings about the shoot.
    • What was enjoyable about the experience.
    • What they did not enjoy about the experience.
  • The following events, if they occur during the shoot, must be discussed in the post-scene interview:
    • Injury or loss of consciousness
    • Crying
    • Safeword use
  • Shoots involving the elements in the Sensitive Themes section below must be explicitly discussed in the post-scene interview.

Prohibited Narrative Elements

Storylines and dialogue may not contain or imply any of the following:

  • Necrophilia
  • Serious injury/assault to any character
  • Participants under the age of 18
  • Incest between blood relatives
  • Sex with animals
  • Sexual activity with a character who is intoxicated

Sensitive Themes

The following storylines, scenarios and props may be employed if approved ahead of time:


“Takedown” fantasies include depictions of characters being coerced, abducted or forcibly overpowered against their will.

Unconsciousness or Intoxication

If a storyline involves or implies a loss of consciousness or intoxication by a submissive character, that character must be conscious and sober by the time any sexual activity begins.

Family Roleplay

Incest is defined as sexual activity between persons so closely related that they are forbidden by law to marry. Relationship roleplay that falls outside of this definition is generally acceptable.
ex: step-siblings/parents, in-laws, adoptive relationships

Race Play

Race play refers to roleplay that explicitly involves racial themes and power dynamics.
Note: scenes that incidentally involve persons of color are not considered race play.


  • If a storyline involves deadly weapons such as guns or knives, the weapons may not appear or be referenced in a sexual context.
    ex: a shoot may feature a gunfight in the opening scene, but the gun cannot be present or be referenced during sexual activity
  • Weapon play may be allowed if requested by the submissive performer.
    ex: a performer may request that a knife be traced lightly along their skin

Supplier Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Supplier to:

  • Ensure that this Code of Conduct is adhered to.
  • Ensure the safety of every person on set.
  • Inform the crew of their responsibility to report breaches of this Code of Conduct.
  • Inform the crew of their obligation to stop any situation that puts a performer in danger.
  • Recognize that breaches of this Code of Conduct are a violation of the content purchase agreement and will result in content being rejected for publishing and payment.

Reporting Concerns

Concerns may be reported to:

Timmy Treasure

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